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MQTTHQ is a free, high availability, public MQTT broker that lets IoT developers focus on the truly exciting parts of their project.

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A reliable MQTT broker is an essential part of every IoT project but setting one up, debugging, monitoring and maintaining it is complex and time-consuming.

MQTTHQ is a load-balanced, multi-node MQTT broker cluster, which is designed to provide a stable and highly-reliable broker for developing IoT products and applications. MQTTHQ supports both TCP and WebSocket connections.

Important: MQTTHQ is a public broker, that means that any information you send via this broker is visible to other users; please do not send private or personal information via this public broker!

As part of our commitment to maintaining the MQTTHQ public broker as a free resource for IoT developers, we occasionally need to make improvements, add new features, etc. Staying up to date is easy, just enter your email address below:
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To help you get started with the MQTTHQ public MQTTHQ broker, we've created a simple, pre-integrated MQTT web client, so now you can instantly send and receive messages via the public.mqtthq.com broker without having to write any code!

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